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Who We Are: The Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Our past reveals great souls who were led out beyond the boundary of sight and safety into unchartered courses where they walked by faith and stepped forward with hope.

Our past is hallowed by the blood and sacrifices of many – humble Christians whose earthly reward was the satisfaction of knowing that their steps and contributions would lead Mount Zion to a brighter day.

Ours has been years of inspiring youth, sending them on their quest inwardly fortified and resolved to give both soul and body to those worthy undertakings for which they were sent into the world.

Ours has been years of picking up broken lives of many and giving them meaning through Jesus.

Ours has been years of preaching, baptizing, fellowshipping, sending, going, walking, praying all of which has produced Mount Zion.

The journey has been long and trying. There have been fears and frustrations. There has been disconcerting, disappointing, and disillusioning experiences.

The water has been troubled and at times, we found ourselves victims of the cross-currents of riptides. But, it has been a glorious journey for we have romanced with two worlds. We have toiled on earth while communing with heaven.

It is safe to say that much of our joys have come from those whom God chose to lead us. In the early days such under-shepherds as Doctors Reed and Stokes, and in the latter days our beloved Dr. F. H. Prentice and Dr. Edward V. Hill Sr. held firm the stern and steadied the ship, and along with them a host of members who now dwell with Christ, gave to us our beloved Mount Zion.

It is with profound sense of remembrance and respect for our fathers that we accept this sacred heritage so noble guarded by them and passed on to us.

We'll strive until the goal is gained
Then look for one still unattained.
Our record points the course we take
To greater records we must make
For hope springs not from what we've done
But from the work we've just begun.
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