My Dear Friends:

It is with Jesus' joy that I greet you on the debut of our new church Website. May I rush to wish you all a happy and glorious new year!

Words cannot express the excitement we have in being able to communicate with you through the world wide web. This has been an almost two year project and the completion of a great vision I have had for our church even before I began as Pastor.

My father, the late Dr. E.V. Hill Sr., was an old school, country man who at one time believed that computers and Internet technology was satanic. He believed this because everything he put on the computer was always lost or destroyed. We finally figured out that during my dad's time, computers were not the most reliable. As I worked with him as his assistant for 10 years, I spent many hours trying to convince him that God was in computers, and that the Lord could use the Internet to extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ all over the world. I believe he finally got it! I am sure he would be proud of the Website we have produced today. As a matter of fact, we have given much of this project over to the memory and legacy of him and his preaching ministry.

Please take time and browse through the many pages of our Website. We have strived to maintain a balance between our rich heritage and innovative future. We hope that you will agree that Mt Zion is more than a congregation, but it is a spirit that moves and connects with every individual that has ever been touched by our ministry down through the years. Whether you are a current or former member or a visitor or friend, we believe that you have experienced the Spirit of Zion and that you will be blessed as a result.

I would like to give special thanks to the members and friends who have worked so hard to produce this project. Every photographer, historian, secretary, writer and staff member who have given of their talent and time are greatly appreciated. I especially appreciate the faithfulness and loyalty of Letha Logan, William Wilson and Bill Malin, webmaster.

With great expectations in the Lord,
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